Meals from the Heart - Volunteer agreement – corporate volunteering

Ronald McDonald House Charities South East Queensland Limited (RMHC SEQ) provides accommodation for families with children who are ill or injured, so they can stay near the hospital whilst their child is being treated for illness or injury. The success of the charity depends on the efforts of volunteers.

This Volunteer Agreement is made between:

This is an unpaid position and all RMH SEQ Volunteers will not be paid for any work undertaken as a Volunteer. It is recommended that you obtain legal advice to ensure that you understand the nature of this agreement and the duties that you are offering to undertake.


• Volunteers are to sign in (upon arrival) and out (upon departure).

• Report any hazards or incidents to the RMHC SEQ Representative.

• Only undertake duties authorised by RMHC SEQ whilst participating in a RMHC SEQ Corporate Engagement Program.

• Understand and be bound by the relevant guidelines, policies and procedures of RMHC SEQ.

In order to provide consistent, safe and reliable services to the residents of RMHC SEQ, we require you to:

• Maintain strict confidentiality of any information gained during the performance of your duties with relation to paid staff, Volunteers and RMHC SEQ residents.

• Respect the rights, dignity, culture and property of others at all times.

• Take part in any applicable training sessions as required for the voluntary role.

• Seek assistance and advice from RMHC SEQ staff as required and accept any support and supervision.

• Be reliable and punctual.

• Work in a manner that is safe for you, other Volunteers, paid staff, RMHC SEQ residents and members of the public.

In order to assist the Volunteers to meet the requirements of the Volunteer arrangement so that RMHC SEQ can meet its commitments, RMHC SEQ will:

• Provide to corporate/community group with induction for the relevant policies and procedures approved by RMHC SEQ.

• Establish a clear plan which outlines the activities and tasks the corporate/community group are responsible for.

• Provide a healthy, safe and secure environment for the Food Program to be conducted in.

• Recognise the time and effort the corporate/community group gives in support of RMHC SEQ.

• Maintain General Liability Insurance, including Public Liability Insurance for all activities (including but not limited to Food Program Activities).


This Volunteer Agreement may be cancelled at any time by either party.


undertake to abide by the spirit and intent of this agreement. We acknowledge and understand that we are not engaged in a contractual or employment relationship with RMHC SEQ. However, in order to permit RMHC SEQ to continue to honour its commitments, we undertake to comply with the notice requirements and tasks and RMHC SEQ operating rules set out in this agreement.

We declare that we are not a disqualified person as stated by the Commission for Children, Young people and Child Guardian.

undertake to abide by the spirit and intent of this agreement.
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