Donated Goods

Supporting families in need

At RMHC SEQ, we accommodate up to 148 families each night. We rely on the generous support of the community to help us make their stay with us as comfortable as possible while they are far from home.

While you are shopping for groceries for your family, please consider buying items from Our Pantry Needs and help us to continue to support families who are caring for their seriously ill or injured children.

Our Pantry Needs


Donating Goods

The high importance of health, safety and wellbeing of all individuals results in us being unable to accept donations that are in a pre-loved condition, including art and craft supplies, books and toys.

For us to accept goods, the following criteria must be met:

  • Toys are required to meet the Australian Safety Standards;
  • Toys, books, DVDs and craft supplies must be brand new and unopened;
  • All donated goods are to be non-toxic;
  • Board games, computer games etc must have a rating no more than PG;
  • DVDs that are rated G, PG or M (M rated movies must be viewed in own guest room, not communal areas), and
  • Art and craft supplies must be non-toxic and non-flammable.

Furthermore, for safety reasons, we cannot accept new or pre-loved:

  • Toys or books that contain button batteries;
  • Toys that may have small objects that could be swallowed (e.g. buttons, easy detachable parts, pins, etc);
  • Religious related material;
  • Political related material;
  • Offensive related material;
  • Toxic paint / Toxic glue for craft;
  • Toys that are associated with guns / war games;
  • Children’s projectile toys (e.g. potential to cause choking, eye injury or flesh wounds), and
  • Toys that contain lead and other prohibited elements.


Drop off Donated Goods

If you wish to drop off a donation, please call ahead on 07 3646 6528 or email

Donations can be dropped off at both houses, please see your closest house below.


Help us make a difference. Donate today.

If you are not able to make it into one of our Houses, you can still make a donation today. Your funds will help us provide hot meals, essential pantry food and goods and toiletries for our families when they really need it most.