Meals from the Heart - RMHC SEQ Food Handler Agreement

At Ronald McDonald House Charities South East Queensland (RMHC SEO) we pride ourselves on having clean and healthy work environment and providing safe, fresh and tasty food to our families and guests. As part of your commitment to volunteering for RMHC SEO we ask that you read and sign off your agreement to the following principles for safe food handling.
Issue Requirements
General • All reasonable measures must be taken to not contaminate food or food contact surfaces
Volunteer health

• All food handlers must not work on site if there is reasonable chance of contaminating the food from disease (e.g. any food poisoning, illness)

• All food handlers will inform their RMHC SEO representative immediately if they believe they have contaminated a product.

Volunteer hygiene

• All volunteers must avoid unnecessary contact with ready to eat food or any food contact surfaces.

• All volunteers must make sure that their outer clothing is clean.

• Make sure that any bandages or dressings are coved with a water proof covering.

• Must not sneeze or cough over any of the food or food contact surfaces.

• Must not eat or drink over food or food contact surfaces. • Must not spit or smoke on site.

• Must not sit or lie on food contact surfaces.

• Must use the surface as provided.

• All food handlers are to wash hands:

   1. After Smoking.

   2. After visiting the bathroom.

   3. Before handling food or contact surfaces.

   4. Between different tasks.

• Wear gloves provided and change them often.

• Clean aprons are to be worn and not worn outside or off the site at any time.

• Hair covering is to be worn properly whilst handling food.

General requirements

• Temperature information you must be aware of:

   1. Cold food and equipment - max of 5°c

   2. Hot food - cooking > 75°c. holding > 65°C

   3. Hot equipment > 75°C

   4. Freezers at least< -18°C


Cleaning is to be done using correct methods, chemicals and equipment.


being a Volunteer food handler for RMHC SEO sign below to state that I agree to the requirements above, and will ensure that they are adhered to at all times during the duration of my time volunteering for RMHC SEO.
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