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Last year, Doone became concerned after her son, Slater, was experiencing stomach aches at night and abnormal bruises over his body. A trip to the doctor soon became a rushed visit to the Mackay hospital, over four hours away. This is where they learnt the devastating news that Slater was diagnosed with Aplastic Anaemia, a rare condition where the body stops producing new blood cells. The family had to rush and uplift their lives to Brisbane for Slater’s treatment, where they were introduced to RMHC SEQ and welcomed with open arms.

Ivy entered the world at just 25 weeks and 6 days gestation, facing a multitude of health challenges including Necrotising Enterocolitis, three twists in her bowels, PDA, sepsis, Staphylococcus infection, moderate to severe hearing loss and more. At 15 days old and going into her first surgery, Ivy’s parents, Hannah and Brandon were told “Ivy’s walking on a fine line that is very brittle”. Well, Ivy beat those odds. During this very difficult time in their lives, Ronald McDonald House South Brisbane has been a home-away-from-home for the Paterson’s and still continues to be to this day.  

Danielle noticed that her son Jackson, was in extreme pain when entering and leaving the car and began limping whilst running. After numerous visits to the hospital and GP, Danielle begged for x-rays, which revealed a cricket size tumour on Jackson’s leg. The family were referred to the Queensland Children’s Hospital where Jackson underwent chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery to have his hip and pelvis removed. Jackson is currently wheelchair bound and it is unsure what function he will have just yet Throughout this challenging time, Jackson has been staying with RMHC SEQ who has kept him and his family together.  

Little Savi was experiencing a swollen stomach, jaundice and slow weight gain and at six weeks old she was urgently taken to Brisbane for a liver transplant. While awaiting the transplant, Savi contracted Influenza A which led to collapsed lungs and being put on life support. Facing a number of challenges along the way, Savi and her family stayed with RMHC SEQ for ten consecutive months where they were provided with essential accommodation and support. Inspired by the incredible work RMHC SEQ does, Savi’s dad, Chari wanted to give back and is now a current dedicated employee of the organisation.  

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